Social Media Kids

I read a ton, actually I probably read more articles than anyone I know and it probably gets in the way of my productivity, but I digress... I read about what affects growing up in this generation and how lack of being kids; my kids will get to be because of the age of the Internet.

And then my children started asking for phones, because every kid in their new private school and their younger siblings had one. But I refuse to pay for a phone for children, who, if are not in my presence, are either at school or at home. So getting them a phone to reach me seemed redundant. But they have tablets at home which they get to use for fun. They play endless hours of Minecraft or Roblox if I don't notice. My eldest has taught my 2 youngest to play some Minecraft also.

But then they asked to download I permitted it. They have occasional fun on it. They make silly videos and if you have kids they do the hands near their face dance moves even when not doing the videos. Which I keep saying if you are going to sing something can you sing it like you aren't on

But then they asked for Instagram... and every parent I knew almost blew chunks at the idea that I let them get it. Like I crossed the parent threshold of permission and made my community of parents look down on me with such disdain. I don't have a quick quip on why it's OK for kids to be on Instagram... but prepare for it my kids DO NOT HAVE A PRIVATE ACCOUNT.

Ohhhh goodness, did I say that out loud. Yes I did. But do you skateboard? Let's say you do, did you put your kid on a skateboard before they could fully run? Maybe you did. Why because you believe yourself to be a skilled skateboarder and why not teach them early. Well the truth is I live on Social Media and my kids know I do. I run an account for my 3rd, I post and pick all the pictures... I have my own account here and I run my business account also. But I am active and have been since Facebook opened it's doors to non-University kids. My 3rd child was an active hashtag the year she was born and I will easily say the first baby to be live birthed on Twitter. #babydoings in case you want to look it up.

But I do social media... am I the best at it, no clearly not. But do I completely get it. Yes, should I be the one to teach my kids the weird ways it works, how they can connect with people online and how they can understand that not everyone is going to love every picture or comment on everything. But they clearly will encounter haters... which they saw me get my first just recently. You see all the time on social media how teens are being cyber bullied, and instead of hiding them from Social Media I plan on equipping mine with the faculties to deal with it head on and what are the expectations and realities of it. Also their account is open on my phone so I see everything they get before they have a chance to jump on their tablets.

So I am not here to tell you how much social media your kids should be exposed to... mine see a ton of it without them being on it from me. Ohhh and if you want to follow my 2 oldest on their adventure you can here

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