Travel, not the destination.

I have not written in over a year. So much has happened, so much content I wanted to share and haven't.

2017 was how do you say it a bit of a nightmare. It was tumultuous. So much good happened in a way, so much not good. But let's be honest its about perspective. I get to stay humble. I say that all bad moments are for balance. Life is a pendulum... if it moves into the direction of chaos it will swing on over to more awesome.

Currently in Toronto living our best life. But it's not about the destination or location. The adventure is about getting to experience it all. We've traveled as a family, and I am sure I have a ton of stories to share about the experiences we had driving across the US from coast to coast with 4 kids 10 and under. It had been a whirlwind kind of pace, definitely an adventure.

To you all... mothers, fathers and anyone else. In this world of constant parental/life chaos remember it's not about the destination, it's about enjoying the adventure while you are trying to get to your next stop. I use this thought with my family, I remind my girls to take in the moment of where we are currently because when you move on, it's all the moments in between that make it worth it.


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