Pink, brass and all of that sparkle.

Today I stared at my kitchen almost in disbelief... not because it's so awesome (though it totally is) but because I got a lot of backlash for some of design decisions I was going to make when putting the whole thing together yet all together it seems to fit together perfectly.

Pink Ceilings

I am a true girl at heart... I've envisioned a pink kitchen and one day will get it but I had seen a beautiful bathroom with a pink ceiling and new I needed to get that feeling. Now when you are the only female with a bunch of men workers, a very dark and cold design choices husband the backlash about a pink ceiling happens. I played the wife card, I'm also the one who cooks in our house so my kitchen. So pink ceilings it was and surprisingly all the men who weren't sure have come around and even compliment how well it works in the space.

Brass walls/backsplash

It has never been done. I couldn't find anything even close anywhere online. But when you live and breathe brass daily because we design brass jewelry... there had to be something that represented us. After talking with our metal supplier and being informed that stainless steel sheets are put on walls we knew we just had to. And it couldn't be more awesome.

9ft. island

We don't live in a huge house. Actually we live in our well loved 105 year old Toronto standard 3 bedroom, being told that 9 ft of island is too much. That we almost took up our whole slab of quartz to cover it, 4 people to lift it into our house. But when people are over, my kids are colouring it couldn't be a better decisions.

Brass details and monster chandeliers

How do you pitch crystal chandeliers and brass details without scaring people off. We actually went into Home Depot to pick up brass vent covers and as my daughter ran over to the brass one a lady standing near them said: "Ohhh no no honey no one puts brass in their house anymore." I responded with, "...we have brass in our house."

We knew we'd do brass fixtures actually we planned on designing our own but we couldn't decided what we wanted to make. Next kitchen for sure. Also we knew we were going to do brass even before the wall. It made our decision to go brass backsplash easy which then confirmed our chandeliers needed to be brass as well. We planned on creating a modern light fixture on our own but our kitchen no longer felt remotely modern so classic monster crystal chandeliers read far more the elegance our kitchen was starting to become.

I really love how different our kitchen turned out, how gorgeously sparkling it is. So many fun details that all tie in. Gold/Brass being so fresh and not remotely outdated. My handmade hooded vent cover that my father made me. The tiny desk under the window that my 3 year old loves to colour at. It has provided more to my heart strings than anything and it was mine and my husband's collaborative spirit that made it so.

A Kitchen to love

Where does one start about the maniacal adventures of a home reno, but through the kitchen!?!?

We knew we needed to update our old and tired kitchen and it just never seemed to fit us. After the cruel winter, the burst water pipes, the decision to make a coffered ceiling in the space... we went looking for advice and was told that what we had on our hands was the ultimate space for a kitchen.

Doing a kitchen with kids in the house is an utter nightmare and if I never have to see take out again I'd be beyond happy. So many little details make the kitchen the most grand part of our reno and I plan to share it in multiple posts.

But our kitchen is the feature room of our house; I like to call it the jewel of our home and my prized possession.