About Me!
Who really enjoys writing these about me sections... perhaps why most people have them written by someone else. But let's give it a try!
Call me Angie, I am a city girl through in through, born and raised in Toronto, Canada. By day I am an creative entrepreneur who not only works our own MASAVE jewelry line but consults with other creatives about colour theories and trends;  but every other moment of the day I am a Mommy. A mommy, to 4 fashionably awesome girls, who has a passion (or affliction) to writing and sharing my points of view.
Mommy Doings is a part of me and is meant to fill the void for the city mom who can't seem to find balance between high volume jobs and parenting kids in the city. Where entrepreneurs won't come to feel guilty because they can't find time to do crafts with the kids on the weekend but on occasion will get the moment to put a road trip together and do something fun with her kids.
Fashion plays a huge part in the city mom's life, you will see that reflected in posts about my girls and I. I am still trying to lose "baby" weight, I love to dine out and about... if it's new and looks to good to eat, chances are I am out and about eating it. I am a social media maven and love to tweet and Instagram (please find me @mommydoing and @angietingas respectively) so enjoy the read, share your opinions and let me know if there might be something you'd love for me to share.