A little Taboo... Pregnancy sex!

I have never been one to shy away from talking about things that most well won't touch with a ten foot poll...

I have found myself watching episodes of Pregnant in Heels this pregnancy. While I find Rosie Pope's voice intriguingly annoying... I can't shake the episode about the first time pregnancy that was causing a rift between a husband and wife because he didn't feel his needs were being met intimately.

If it was any other time in ones relationship I would say far too much is wrong if one partner is feeling missed out on... I can't begin to discuss how wonderful and natural being intimate can be for a long lasting lifetime. But I feel free to rage war on the expectancy of sex during pregnancy.

I think being pregnant naturally 3 separate times gives me a little light on the subject. My first pregnancy I had multiple conversations with people telling me how great pregnant sex was, how much hornier a pregnant woman was and so on. I won't lie... but I waited for that moment to peak my whole pregnancy and it never appeared. The last thing my physical self wanted was to be intimate. I dreamt about sex ( I am being honest here so you don't feel like you might have been wrong); and the dreams got more and more vivid... but once awake my body behaved like a dried up shriveled old prude.

Luckily I had a supportive husband who one was a little uncomfortable with the idea of being intimate with me past 5 months... but I was happy to stay away and just cuddle my nights away. But it's never wrong if a pregnant female doesn't feel intimate. One is no longer in control of the hormones that their body is releasing, hormonal shift and feelings of intimacy may or may not be something that the body craves or not. Not to mention... do men not realise that women have a uncomfortable state in dragging a belly that weighs, feel disproportionate to ones body to want to be sexual. Women also a far more conscious about their naked selves and how they read to their partners naked... but they might not be feeling sexy, beautiful or even cute.

So cut yourself some slack if you find it hard to be that partner during this time... don't allow yourself to be pressured into doing something you just aren't interested in doing, and remember to get back on the bandwagon once your OB/GYN gives you the OK. You'd be surprised you might have missed it so much while you chose to abstain for comfort.

But at the end of the day remember you are in charge of providing a comfortable happy home for a growing bump... so that means be comfortable with your body and your decisions. It's OK to say NO!

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