How I am going along on my Mom Challenge!

Mom challenge is in full affect here.

It was an interesting few set of days.

Day 1. I asked both girls what they wanted to do this month that was special and only one thing they could pick from. I asked my youngest first... the answer was a little bewildering to me and caught me off guard. She told me she wanted to go and excercise so she could be healthy and have babies like mama. While I wanted something more child related, she knows what she wants. I use to excercise a lot and told her it was to stay healthy and happy for the baby in my tummy. It appears she's been listening.

Second daughter wanted an even crazier task... she wants us to sweep all the leaves off the street. Yeah you read it, she wants to be the neighbours who clean the street up for us all. I was expecting, shopping, cupcake baking, go to the park but neither had a request of this sort. But I guess the task of this first challenge is allowing them to make a decision and obeying their request.

Day 2. task was sooo much easier yet harder than assume. Being pregnant has made me far more tense and aggravated. My threshold of patience has seemed to dwindle into the abyss of pregnancy unknown. Getting all the no I don't feel like eating dinner, no I don't feel like cleaning, I don't want... I don't want to! Has sent me into a bit of a tizzy. So yelling had become a bit of a way to cope. After my Friday night scare sitting in the Maternity ward... understanding the yelling needed to disappear and yesterday, it was easy to follow this rule. A lot more consequences were brought into the equation. No listening means Mama won't be doing bedtime story and laying with you til you fall asleep. No cleaning means no computer time. So the girls have far more strict rules in our house... but I guess it's best for all of us.

And well Day 3 was and will always be a piece of cake for me. I am a hugger. I like to hug my kids in private and you wont see me doing it, but when I catch either of my girls in my room while I am sitting there I will try and take in as many hugs as I can. Sometimes I have to bribe the girls to get one. But I get them, love them, breath my girls in, tell them how important to me amd their father. And that I couldn't love them more than I do.

How are you personal Mom challenges going?

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