The Mom Challenge!

I like to read blogs when I get a chance, and because Blogging is a mini community of people who feel like sharing, in longer format than twitter... because there really is a difference ( I like to do both); I always am envious when people are doing fun group blogging activities and either I missed out on, or really it isn't something I can do with my schedule and blog.

But when I saw Candace's blog (@seemummyjuggle) about the mom challenge, I couldn't wait to get on it.While a few days in... the challenge to be a bit more that just average is always appealing to me. While the list of a mere 30 items that don't take very long to do on some occasions it was a great idea.

Things have been extra hectic around here in our house, with a new kid in school, another in about to go into daycare and a new baby coming... I want to remind the girls that mommy loves them and hasn't forgotten how much I loved them. So with a task list in hand... I am off.

You can all join me on this fun activity, you don't have to blog about it... just perhaps doing it for the sake of being great moms!



  1. So happy to have you along. It can get discouraging sometimes being a mom and easy to lose sight of the important stuff. It helps when you have like-minded women along for the journey.

  2. Candace... I am most happy to be part of the ride. And I agree it's even better being with like-minded moms!