Are you the voice?

Sometimes I get invited to events. Some of them more meaningful than others, some more fun than others but none more poignant for me than the ones about empowering girls.

Every morning I wake up to a house of 2 girls, while I enjoy listening to everyone tell me how beautiful they are, I fear that I need to raise strong, independent, fierce, lovable and empowering females. Because while they are girls now they will become women sooner than I want, please I still can't believe they are already the age they are now. Where did the time fly to?

But when I read the invite for the Barbie I can be the Voice event, I knew I had to go. While Barbie might get all political, I was a Barbie girl, had 13 dolls of my own, each with their own separate outfits and personalities. I think roll playing in a creative manner is far more great than people might understand. Girls need to dream and imagine a future that might be... we must let them allow to imagine all the different ways they can achieve greatness.

The people at Barbie I think feel the same... because they are launching today officially the website for mom's of girls and boys who want to mentor their kids in being all they can be, with articles from various specialists and moms alike discussing mom issues in raising strong, independent and great individuals. Helped that we dined on cupcakes while we enjoyed the great view from Panorama Lounge.

It really was a fantastic event, even for a mom who sometimes feels unsure of her place in the world around her, to be with like-minded moms, who you can bounce ideas off, who want you to have as much as everyone else and really are cheering you on.

So the best part of it all, at the end of the day, I still get to call myself a Barbie girl!

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