My house in Chaos, and I like it!

My husband is a handy man... this is a plus in my head. But most people walk into my home and wonder why I live in a constant state of renos. It might be odd... there's dust, there's stuff and a lot of things that get left behind because I am helping with the renos!

But I love it, every moment of it!

Love deciding what is being torn down next, love that after hours of thought discussion together the husband and I come up with something great. We have something going on on every floor of our house. And while it seems like chaos, I am smiling when I walk by a newly tore down part of my house. Because the idea of what will be is far a superior feeling than the annoyance of a bit of disturbance.

While I get a lot of grief from family and friends about living in reno chaos, I am thankful to have met my family friend Linda; because she showed me that living in a home that is being reno'd is only a small part in the perfect end result. She's my home mentor... she doesn't know it! LOL

Projects I am working on:

  1. Master Bedroom (which is HUGELY gutted; new electrical, walls down, and new closet)

  2. New Railings on the front porch and new landing.

  3. New Shed

  4. New staircase to the basement.

  5. New Furnace re-duct!--- we needed to re-figure the duct work unfortunately.

Are you working on anything in your house? Do you hate renos? Are you handy with renos ( I love working in the house, I laid tiles, painted and plastered the walls)?

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