To pierce or Not to pierce!

these are earrings I have created

I let my eldest get her ears pierced!

Yeah, while many of you might be reading this as what's the big deal, it actually was HUGE to me. I didn't get mine pierced til I was 7 years old.

When my first daughter was born, I was berated with questions about when I would be piercing my daughter's ears. Why I haven't done it yet? The first year went by and I began to become hassled on my choice not to have them pierced while she was young enough to do it.

I knew someone when I was younger in High School who never had her ears pierced and really never wanted them done. This always brought great pause to me... maybe we don't want our ears pierced. Why as a parent should I just assume they do? This actually caused a debate in our household, husband assumed girls need their ears pierced and I didn't oblige his request to do it for them (maybe if I wasn't terrified of needles my stance would have been weakened.) I did state a decision, that if the time came and I was "asked" for ear piercing on multiple occasions I would oblige.

So about 6 months ago, my eldest mentioned she wanted her ears pierced. I took it lightly. Then she asked again, she perused my earrings, asked to wear them over and over again. I sat with her and discussed having to go and get them pierced. I informed her of the slight ouch, I told her a gun would be put near her ear, not a bad gun I stressed, a ear piercing gun.

After it was decided this was something she wanted anyways, I went to the location and asked on what shift did they have 2 girls to pierce the ears. Because I have heard horror stories of one ear being pierced and not the other. I had a date, a daughter who was willing and all my emotional bases covered. We set out and did that on a Friday night and she got her ears pierced. She picked out her set, she sat on the stool like a big girl and she cried.

But at 14, 18, 25 or even 40... when she asks me why I got her ears pierced I will proudly say because we discussed it at length and I let you decide, honey!

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