What is your Zodiac Sign?

I am the most avid Zodiac buff you'll ever meet... I don't let it dictate my life, but my exhaustive research and nerd work in learning as much as humanly possible on a pseudo-science really sent my head spinning yesterday with the research that I am no longer a Sagittarius and am now a Ophiuchus!

Now, there are an abundance of articles telling you there is a change a coming... and many touting this as the most mundane reaction to silliness. Let me clear out the reality and what this should mean for those who well understand Horoscopes and Astrology in the realm of Astronomy and their work goes hand in Hand.

Your zodiac is based on the stars... any other reading you find that tells you otherwise is well highly mistaken. This form of science is telling you the effect of the planetary fluxes, the moons orbiting or let's be honest the suns reactions to your well being. Sure hocus pocus as my sister would proudly tell you is some serious hogwash... and to some it is--- to each their own. But if you meet an Astrologer who tells you that your sign is reflective to the seasons, ask them if someone born in Australia at the same time as someone being born in USA do they have a different sign or not... if they say it is the same sign... their theory alone about Astrology being a seasonal science has just went out the window.

Here is the reality; the Sun passes through the skies in a mesmerizing manner through out the year in the same manner the moon orbits our earth through out the month. What the suns sees throughout the year is what the Astrologers have been using to describe who we are and what represents our astrological persona. It use to orbit 12 sections of the ski, which has 48 sections thank the ancient Greeks for this... but this seems to have changed, it seems for the last 2 years we have hit an extra constellation that has existed for years and years, back in the days of Ancient Greece when the constellation was named period. But our lovely sun has spent too much time in that region to be a mishap... it is fact.

Now before you get your knickers in a knot, this might not play any havoc on your horoscope as you might be exactly who you've always been, since the Sun itself hasn't been entering this region since only 2009 only those born during those years would be affected by this astral flux. Not you and I. And hey I am a die hard Sagittarius and can't see myself falling into this realm.

Why I don't think this is a hoax, this will make writing your horoscope far harder to do, and won't be easy cheesy 2 lines in the newspaper because we will be reading it differently on a yearly basis like the Chinese Zodiac is never on a standard date and is affected by more than dates but moons and calendars.

Now why this actually makes a TON of sense, the moon orbits the earth in 28 day intervals, as the female menstrual system does, hey blame it on the moon! So this gives us 13 full moons through the year not 12, all zodiacs should only encompass one moon phase properly (just saying); but where does this 13th sign really lay, it's a confused sign, it has no twin zodiac--- Sags twins are the Geminis; the similarities and temperament are nearly identical. Ophiuchus does not have such a thing. We are waiting to see it's effectiveness on time, season and it's pull on elements. It has no water, fire, earth or air pull whatsoever! It doesn't mean they won't find it soon enough.

And not all is answered through the horoscope, but if you work with the magnetics of all that surrounds you is when you can fully get an understanding of what your birth date actually means, I am not just a Sag, But a Metal Monkey Sagittarius with a 1 numerology living in a current year of 4... if you ever wanted me to help you understand that please send me a message.

Don't get all tizzy, I am reading up on it all for you!


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