Pretty Little Face!

So I am vain... kill me!

Hard to call myself vain, you won`t catch me with my hair blown out on a daily basis, not wearing the most expensive duds or a full face of make-up... but when people tell me my skin is flawless; I know it is! Has been for as long as I have had it and I don`t try and mess around with a good thing!

I actually hate talking about my skin because it makes me feel guilty about not dealing with trivial experiences that are teen acne or adult acne. But my skin aged beyond it`s years after having my second daughter... now when you meet me you will guess my age or maybe if I am lucky a year or 2 younger; but just 2 years ago I was still getting 6-7 years younger! I reveled in it!

So when I heard about this organic facial that is fast and wonderful... I couldn't miss out on the opportunity! Months planned in advance I had anticipated getting this facial... some fine lines appearing I needed to get them in check fast. So I walked in and was greeted by @blushpretty from Fresh Beauty, how great was this location right in the health conscious Carrot Common on the Danforth, I was told my facial wouldn't take long at all due to my great skin (personal score and ego boost at that), a very wonderfully organic exfoliator was used on my skin, followed by a really cool organic crystal microdermabrasion which does not feel odd what so ever, even though you are preempted, having kids and a tattoo this felt like nothing at all. It was followed by this really cool technique that was called Cold Laser... follow along here I am a fan of this little technique!! My skin glowed from the blood rushed to the pores... it was so great how fantastic my skin looked for days after. My pores minimized and well even my husband said I looked younger lately.

So if you get a chance to head down to Fresh Beauty tell them Angie sent you, it really is a fun and fast experience... and it leaves you with glowing skin. Now to send Mike for some pampering because well he deserves a little bit of pampering!



  1. It's pretty sad that I haven't gone to get this amazing treatment and it's my best friend who is doing it (isn't she the sweetest and best person ever?).

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. you should go... not that I think you need it under any circumstance!!! She spoiled me and made me feel ridiculously gorgeous! :)