A few of my favorite things!

Last year was so much of a ride for me... I started off the year ending my event contract, working on the best event I have set my eyes on, to running for city council to well just celebrating my girls turning 3 and 2 respectively.

I said it yesterday that but I'll say it again, this year was a journey for myself, I turned 30 and I didn't want to get there unsatisfied or feeling like I missed out in any way. My plan was to be healthier, to appreciate myself and well just to have as much fun as I can get away with being a mom!!! I did that and well, I just want to share again some of my favorite posts about some of my most favorite things that happened this year!

  • I started last year with a new recipe and well something that has now become a staple in my household the famous Angie Roast Pork--- while everyone was reserved and unsure about if they were interested or not, this was famously received, and it's almost expected now!

  • Something that was hugely monumental for me and not so much for my readers... but as a mommy the Social Calendar; I can never begin to tell you the importance of getting out being social and meeting good friends or even meeting new friends.... it really was a huge part of my happiness project! I need the social and this is really what the Dr. ordered for me!

  • To my favorite blog post I wrote all year... because the sheer reality of it, well makes me laugh every time I read it!

  • My most visually pleasing post, and well just my favorite colour... my ode to the colour PINK!

  • A post I might need to re-read to myself over and over again until I get this organised thing down--- but a good one, with a lot of people with good advice commenting!

  • My most favorite thing I found on Youtube EVER!!! This little girl is simple perfection!

  • The post that made me feel like sometimes our words can impact someone, I got the best email from this post that made me almost cry my eyes out! We all need a personal GPS!

  • Realising there are role models for us all, even those who chose being a mommy over a career in their earlier years of life.... best role model ever Carolina Herrera-- but this is a post I want to revisit again this year.

  • And last but not least, my most favorite event I attended all year, or at least one that I enjoyed that I didn't work on! The British Invaded!
I had a great year, and had fun sharing a lot of it with my very dedicated readers... if there is a post you read that was you favorite please do share it with me. I am looking forward to the fun stuff I have in store for the blog this year!



  1. OMG, Angie I posted the "I can do anything good" girl on my Facebook and I love her, too. I was thinking we should all start our day that way. So much confidence and love! The best!

  2. What a great list!! Thanks for posting these :) I'll be reading them for the next little while.

  3. Thanks guys, last year was really an eye opening year for me! :)