I can do anything good!!

OMG!!! This little girl has it and I don't! Perhaps she can be a role model to me and all of us not feeling good about ourselves. But I can do anything good, what a great motto! What a proud mother that must be filming her daughter.

Daily affirmations of I can do anything good, and I like my hair... ohhh she has no idea how great that one is for when she hits being a teenager and hair becomes a daily concern. But Wow, do I wish I was this girl!


  1. This cheered me so! Can you imagine if we all did this?

  2. OMG, wouldn't it be great if we did!!! We'd be 20 steps ahead!

  3. i love this little lady. she's so precious! i could carry her around in my pocket all day! :)

    p.s. i wrote this long email replying to your comment, but then i couldn't sent it because it was a email address - apparently you haven't linked up your email. i wrote a post about it, so here are the instructions for making your life, and the lives of those whose blogs you comment on, and those who comment on yours, so much easier :)

  4. ha that's great 2 year old loved it. she wanted to watch it again (: