Bah Humbug!

Not sure why I am feeling particularly moody...

I was having the most fantastic weekend, I got myself a nifty new laptop, worked on the front garden of my house, picked fresh Lilacs from my trees, had pink lemonade in my backyard with great company on my fantastically beautiful back table.

I have been sucking at getting to the gym lately, perhaps because with such work and effort, it was becoming increasingly devastating not to be noticing the difference that I should be. Not losing weight wasn't sufficing at just getting out there and going to the gym. I can see a difference but at my weight losing inches isn't acceptable, one needs to lose a ton of weight to be in a normal weight category.

I think I came to terms with my reality perhaps I need more help than a gym requires, I am not going the negative manner; but I am going to go see the Dr, I need the visit. My workouts were becoming seemingly harder with every day that it became bizarre than I wasn't getting hurtful or exhausting... more like I was finding it impossible to get through the workout. With a huge family history of thyroid issues and having had a minor iron deficiency after giving birth to my second child.

I am trying to stay happy and focused, doesn't help when you just couldn't take it anymore and make yourself some chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing, but I do have some beautiful bouquets in my house which I am trying to look at and enjoy.

******* Don't you love the Lily of the Valley flowers in the pic, I don't have a tiny vase, so I used this little milk dispenser with a flower motif and in a great shade of off white. Isn't it great?*****

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