Ahhhh and then I smile!

Sometimes I get overwhelmed... at least I remember I do at moments where I wonder how did this day end this way.

With being sick, a daughter who also was sick, another who might be under the weather at least that might be the reason for the clingy behaviour I feel some time exacerbated by all the pulling from direction... mostly I am a serious cranky wench without sleep. And well sick people allows for a lot of NON-SLEEPING nights!

But then little things happen, little happy things that might be so silly or so simple. That make the fact that you haven't been able to go to the gym all week, that your short temper is really short or that you cheated like crazy on what was suppose to be your Tim Horton's free diet.

I had 2 such moments yesterday... I went shopping something I don't get to do much lately. We had gotten some cash for birthday gifts and I had promised my daughter that it would actually get spent this time on her. Went to The Children's Place and got to the cash with 6 items- tutus, sandals, a great t-shirt and some shorts-- the till rung through and a mere $23, I nearly fell over myself with glee.

But the best part of my day was actually by fluke, haven't been to the gym, haven't worked out even at home... cheated on my health kick and ate extremely poorly. But I got on my scale and with the 3 pounds gained the week I was working out, I actually have lost another 6. Yeah 6 pound weight loss!!!

And then I smile... it's so simple... so easy!! A girl easily pleased with life's simple perfections and little perks.

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