Family Fun Weekend!

I had a super busy weekend; it was a long weekend here in Canada! We get to celebrate Queen Victoria's Birthday, giving us 3 days of weekend bliss.

It was my only niece's birthday and my dad's on Saturday... which I really love celebrating them both. Then I celebrated my dad the next day at my house with a small impromptu BBQ in my backyard.

And it topped off my weekend with a great Victoria Day full of a rare amount of warm warm sun, a nice little visit to my mother's house with the most awesome firework show in my neighbourhood park. My girls loved it so much, there must have been more than 300 people in the park. It really was a great weekend, I really did enjoy myself!


  1. wasn't the long weekend bliss? I love it. xo

  2. isn't it?? I don't work so I blur most weekends; but it really is nice to be with people who truly are relaxing and enjoying themselves on a long weekend!