Conversations on Dr. Oz???

*** I apologise if you find this image offensive, I actually found it quite beautiful. I do apologise if you were offended!***

If you know me personally, if you follow me on Facebook you know I have an infatuation with Dr. Oz.

I feel silly if I miss an episode, what is more important than understanding good physical health for yourself, your spouse and your children. Little things I have learnt and felt compelled to keep in my mind are things like Vitamin D is the greatest vitamin you could need for great health. Vitamin C moves fat into a burn stage, as in if you eat something high in vitamin C it then tells the fat pockets to make their way down the line of fat burning during excercise.

But today they talked about healthy penis and vaginal health. I didn't use the word Penal, it makes me think of the jail system, not erections. But here they go again, a full conversation about penis length, direction of erection (oooh I made a rhyme) and positive vaginal feelings.

Now I am no sex expert, won't even try and make a joke about being one, even though it really is tempting. But as they decided to talk about the vagina and it's size, what might or might not happen after getting pregnant and having a child come out from the vagina. It compelled me!

I am a total Female Activist. I am not a feminist, will not burn a bra. But positive vaginal feelings, smells, moisture, like it's some growth... why do women hate their lady bits, why do they hate them after giving birth? This is your sexual tool, you don't ever hear men talk about their penises like some unfortunate behaviour of multiple sexual experiences, like foreskin that moves or doesn't gives them a slight advantage or not, that their penises are UGLY, ohhhh would I love to meet the first man who thinks his penis is ugly, they don't! They love their organ, they really do!

So why do women allow this organ be such a sore spot (OMG, sorry for the pun again--- this is a tricky darn post today)?

I gave birth to 2 beautiful girls, both pregnancies were great, both birthing experiences different but ohhh the plethora of people who took a peak at my vagina, luckily all with some sort of medical degree but there were many. After about the 10Th different person who took a stare, poked and prodded--- I came to terms with my bits. It's my Vagina! It's mine, I can't get a refund or exchange it, it probably will only get more wrinkly the older I get--- but it's mine and I will be proud of it. I am about to give birth to a child out of this organ, nothing this little organ will ever do could be bad.

By the time birthing my second child, my Dr. came into the room and politely asked me if I was OK with a student standing and watching me birth my child, I stopped and thought.... ummm do I need one extra person to take a look down there and then I realised, well how else will this person learn if not by example, my Vagina is now educational!

So blame Dr. Oz for today's odd post, but if you are lady--- take note, it's yours and no two are alike, it's your own personal art piece!

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  1. LOL, that was great. I felt the same way giving birth for the second time. Send in all the med students you've got, they need to learn it somehow! They could be catching my grandchild one day. LOL.