Gumball 3000

What is this thing I speak of???

Luckily for me, the day after my Husband and I celebrated being together for over 13 years, a motorcade of Millionaires and their fancy shmancy cars came into Toronto. Trendy Yorkville to be exact--- they shut down 2 streets to allow for these cars to park. It became a spectacle of cars, more like a spectacle of people awing and oohing the cars.

All dressed up in my pretty tan studded heels and with the best accessory in town, my husband; we perused the streets and topped off our evening with my favorite place to eat in that neighbourhood. A little known Australian Pub called Hemingway's, where we noshed on Garlic bread, Sweet Potatoe fries, itty-bitty pulled pork sandwiches and a pizza. A glass of Sauvignon for me and a Vodka Cranberry for Husband.

Good food, fantastic cars... and really an affordable and fun date night.


  1. Oh Hemingway's! I haven't been there in years! I used to love hanging out there too.

    Looks like you had a really delightful date night. Sometimes we forget how important date nights with our S/Os are.

  2. Steph... I have loved Hemingway's from the first time I tasted a sweet potato fry, never seen one before. That must have been over 10 years ago. Now they have them everywhere, maybe we can meet one day for some good ol Hemingways!

  3. oooh! Meeting at Hemingway's for some sweet potato fries and a couple of pints sounds awesome!

  4. I am good for meeting a fellow blogger, that seems like a great idea!

  5. wow! my hubby would LOVE to go there! wish tucson had something like that.

  6. Tucson must have some crazy kind of car shows, with some pretty done up older cars??? My husband always marvels the south for the abundance of old beauties as he calls them.