10 Little Things!

I like to share, I divulge with all honesty the big yucky feelings I am tackling, the most taboo of subjects my weight and well if I am happy, obsessed or defeated. Here I am sharing such grand things and honest items.
But at the core, I am a fun loving girl who is still the girl I have always been pre-marriage, pre-baby... pre-mortgage at that.

So I thought today I would share 10 little silly facts about me for well just something FUN:
  1. My favorite colour is Pink, but hands down my most favorite colour to wear is white-- even though sometimes I think I am not small enough to wear it.

  2. I love HOUSE MUSIC, I am a junkie... am mad when the radio doesn't play anything good during the day other than top 40.

  3. I drive a Wagon... my father drove a wagon when I was a kid, I was mortified by it, but I love my wagon.

  4. How do I describe my fashion sense... oh wow! I am a lot Betsey John, sexy like Gabanna and classic like Coco Chanel- not Karl Lagerfeld.

  5. I could careless for Popcorn or Chips, I am sickly addicted to chocolate and icing!

  6. I love High Heels--- don't know how many I have? But I don't own a pair that is 3.5" or lower. I suffer from Stiletto Envy!

  7. I don't wear make-up daily--- I also like to live in my jogging pants if I don't have to leave the house.

  8. I love to cook! I have never made anything that someone couldn't eat or didn't like... I think I would die if I ever did! I take crazy pride in my abilities in the kitchen, cooking and baking!

  9. I cry at every kind of movie... almost! Dog dies at the beginning of Gladiator-- I cried, the Little Mermaid lived happily ever after--- I cried, if I watch the Notebook again, I start crying from the first scene with the old people.

  10. I buy a silly amount of Gossip rags... there are no Star Magazines, National Enquirer... but I love my Life&Style and InTouch... so much so that my friends know they'll find a magazine in my living room like I was some kind of Dr's waiting room!

Well that's me! Do we share any similar quirks?


  1. It's so embarrassing, but I cry at almost every kind of movie too! I'm pretty much inconsolable if there is an emotional scene between a father and his grown child, if there is a baby being born, or if there is a major death. My most embarrassing movie cry happened in the theatre, watching Star Wars Episode 2, when Anakin Skywalker is back in Tattooine and burying his mother who has died in his arms. I'll even cry if there is a particularly stirring scene in a movie trailer. For example, in the trailer for Letters to Juliet, when Lorenzo rounds the corner riding his horse and Clare sees him for the first time, with Taylor Swift's song playing in the background no less, I get choked up. Every. Time.

  2. Hahahahha!!! Steph you are my kind of movie watcher! My movie where I cried uncontrolably was the Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons. I was so bothered watching him die... it was so pathetic but I was panting from crying so hard.

    Atleast we are not alone! We now have each other... LOL!

  3. I love chocolate too and also trashy celebrity gossip magazines. I use to subscribe to US Weekly but I didn't renew it. I thought that I would save money and just read everything online. It's just not the same!

    I don't cry at every kind of movie but the movies that stick out where I cried uncontrollably are Up, The Blind Side and A Walk to Remember. I am sure there is more but these are the only ones I remember right now.

  4. Leesh... Chocolate is a psycho craving of mine. Never seen the Blind Side but I am sure it will be a tear jerker.