Clothing Show???

This past weekend I went to the Clothing Show here in Toronto with a good friend of mine. Never been to the clothing show. Had heard a ton of advertisements seasons past about the show, wondered in amazement at the splendor of seeing these immaculate pieces of fabric marvelement.

And so when asked to go, I was excited about the prospect of what my eyes would see. We started our walk through the miss-mash of aisle, the place seemed completely disorganised in a particular fashion that must have made sense to the organisers.

Where the disappointment landed at a pivotal point was how, some booths made it feel like you took a wrong turn and ended up in the flea markets of the outer core of Toronto, where the clothing is disrespected and placed haphazardly in a sore to the eye fashion--- this is like pouring salt on the wounds of a clothing connoisseur.

I was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful jewelry and accesories, that took the time to make their booths and the shopping experience worth the time one would come out and spend money to enter the show itself. They should rename it the accessory show.

I left with some fantastic soap and lipbalm all hand made and locally produced and organic matter. I did take pics of a few bracelets because I am a maid of honour with my sister for a wedding,; found these great oversized cuffs. Pictures to follow...


  1. I wanted to go to the Clothing Show but I forgot about it. I guess it's a good thing that I didn't go. I am more interested in the One of a Kind Show (that I miss every single year).

  2. The one of the kind show is far better organised and visually much better put together.