Marching to the beat of MARCH (in May)!

I feel bad about not posting about this next chapter in my Happiness Project! But I am not sure why I can't get a grip around this subject, but Aiming Higher seems almost fleeting!

So 3 chapters in, dealing with work and being happier within the working world seems so impossible to me. Not that it's not something that I don't want... I am looking forward to being successful and financially happy within the working world--- but I am having a hard time coming to terms with my place and plans to being a thriving entrepreneur!

I am not sure how this month will fare... but here are the tasks at hand.

Launch a Blog- Now for my business and the fact that I have both a jewelry line and a small event planning business I am not really thinking about starting a blog about my event planning business. I am a fanatic about other blogs with events, decor and party planning as a whole. But I don't think I am a place to come to for great ideas as of yet. Perhaps in the future. I have a jewelry blog.... maybe I should start working on that one again!

Enjoy the Fun of Failure- I have a severe fear of failure, I try on a daily basis not to feel poorly about myself. I really can't deal with failure and so don't push ahead or forward when I know I can do more and be more. I am not Happy about my current career situation... I want far more and have the abilities to do more, the connections and the networks; I just am so frozen in my tracks in fear. I don't know how to shake the fear off... I want to so deeply, I read and read about ways to get over it, but enjoying it seems so far fetched. But this is the month to push through even a little, don't believe Happiness will be instant, perhaps this will be a push for future happiness!

Ask for Help!- This gets fuzzy... this falls unto my fear of failure thing all over again! I am the biggest advocate of asking for help, will tell others to do so in a heartbeat, am always willing to help others. But for some reason asking others for help makes me feel SMALL! I would never let anyone feel little for asking me for advice but I have been pushing for myself for so long on my own that getting help seems so fleeting; but I know this to be true, that getting HELP is completely acceptable if not needed to keep thriving in any industry.

Work Smart- I need to do this far more than I do now. I work from home since having kids, I love being at home with my girls, but it takes a huge toll on my work. It's so hard to get things done when you just want to bake, play in the backyard, go on play dates, the park and so on. Gretchen talks about feeling like not having enough time, other than this being something Mother's all over the world feel on a daily basis... there never seems enough time; but this is going to be something I tackle.

Enjoy NOW!--- HA!- The Ha, I added; because I do not suffer from this behaviour. I went to a psychic once and he said to me that my short term goals will always be more successful than my long term goals... and for once I get it. Other than with weight loss... thinking I will be so much happier when I reach a certain number, I am genuinely appreciating the moments I have NOW. I always have and always will... but I am going to make loftier short term goals for myself, that would be encompassing my NOW! Bringing back month 1's do it now, but for work related items. Stop putting stuff on the back burner.

So I am weary of this month, I am concerned about ticking off the items needed to complete this month... but as all my months are always work in progress, I work hard on my goals and make sure that if I never put the utmost effort into the goal that I continue to do so the months to follow.

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