And so I celebrated my first!

Last Saturday I celebrated my eldest daughter's birthday. Can't believe how big she gets and how fantastic it is to get to know her little being as the personality gets grander and vocabulary wiser.

But we had a fun little late afternoon/evening event at our home, family and friends were mixed in, pink balloons, a princess cake and some sun which was suppose to not show up this weekend and it was a successful little day. Never seen my daughter this excited.

She got her much anticipated Candyland from her aunt and was excited by the tissue paper in her gift bags. She was all over the idea of getting gifts and has only wanted to read the books, play the games and tinker with the educational toys she received. She stayed excited about getting clothing, shoes and even a hat.

I was so proud of her, she didn't get a chance to blowout her candle as her little friends were so excited to help, her sister her biggest cheerleader singing Happy Birthday in her not even 2 y.o. voice. They had far too many Lollipops that they kept stealing from my lovely little tin I had placed at the front door for all guests.

I will be boastful today, because I was so proud of both my daughters, excited that my daughter only gets older as time goes by.... but am looking forward to the years to come.

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