Trying not to be defeated!?!?!!?

I am on my weightloss mission as you all know, and I went to my first class on Monday.

There were no classes at the community center on Tuesday but 2 on Wednesday so I went to both yesterday. No classes today, so I thought I would take advantage of the Lap swimming that is offered on my pass!

I have been afraid to get back into the water since I broke my arm/shoulder. I sat in the Physiotherapists office as he told me chances are that I won't be anywhere close to back to normal til the summer of 2010. But I have been excercising the persistent frozen shoulder that I am suffering from as a result to the fall and the immobilising of my arm for so long.

Here I am lifting my arm over my head in a manner I realised I had taken for granted before my fall... the ability to lift a 2 pound weight multiple times seemed like a distant memory. But here I was back on the saddle and giving it my all. I even tried to do a plank the other night, it hurt but I did a few seconds of it (planks are hands down my favorite excercise) and hey, when you start excercising you have to take every physical achievement as an accomplishment.

But today I got into the pool... the warm chlorine touched my face and I was in heaven again. I missed the water so. I thought I would just warm up grabbed a board and did some paddling. Ohhh I could imagine myself doing laps and laps of breast stroke. The thought so tempting. Got back from my second lap and went for it. Felt the ache while I freestyle across the water, the strokes got harder and harder to do, by the time I reached the wall my shoulder was throbbing. But I figured I could do the lap to get back to the shallow end. I did not make it!

So, to my most favorite swimming style, the back stroke.... here I am moved to the fast lane because well just my legs alone I can make it across the pool in half the time I could forward. Started just legs and added the arms half way down the pool, and OOOHHH the pain! The lifeguard watching me bizarrely as I never went down a lane in a proper stroke. I felt like an idiot, sat there thinking about how I could be there for the whole hour, this time sitting winded from the pain and lack of swimming and I was DEFEATED!

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