My month in love!

Chapter 2 process done, and WOW!

Happiness Project was something I got onto looking towards a happier time, an energised time and where smiling was occuring regularly. I wanted to be that girl I was in High Schools whose smile took over her face and you remembered my smile as much as you remembered my loud voice from down the hallways of my very large school.

I started Month 2 of my personal Happiness Project, here; and while I could have been stubborn because well I am stubborn like a mule when it comes to certain things, I thought I would take on this task.

Quit Nagging was the first step to my personal happiness within my loving relationships. For me it was to stop arguing, to stop needing my way to be the right way and to not need to fight about something simple. I have not fought with my husband once since this month started, and it's not to say we live the most easiest life, we have bad things happen to us to, please don't you know how happy I was to see 2009 leave and never come back.

I really never realised I need Praise and Appreciation and coming to terms with that part of me helped a lot with this goal. Not only would I not be getting praise, I also wouldn't be becoming someone else's first priority. I needed to take that task onto myself. I realised that others will take care of them and I needed to do so for myself as well. (This helped a ton with getting more things done properly from Month One that I struggled with, like sleep and excercising right, read about my struggle here!)

Biggest change in our house has been the fighting.., Fighting Right really was a wake up moment for me. Do I need to yell about everything that frustrates me? Do I need to fight over the fact that the girls were still wearing their PJs and Husband was watching them? Some things not worth it, I find that Husband is more likely to start yelling first because it has been the cue for our disagreements but now I am always saying stop yelling, I am not fighting with you. And I mean it. I love my marriage, fighting with my husband only causes unneccessary tension and we just don't need that getting into our relationship we already have enough to deal with resentment is now allowed in!

I DUMP, I POUR, I SOAK my husband with my problems. As if venting to him will take it off my chest and he can deal with it. I find I have far less to dump because my overall attitude has been much happier. But my frustrations with excercise has become something I want to dump about luckily I have good friends who I can bitch and complain with, who I motivate and they motivate me... it's a win win situation and Husband doesn't keep getting earfuls!

Give proofs of Love I know I wrote previously how this was something I use to do before we got married... it's not that hard to offer to make him a bowl of cereal in the morning, bring Timmies after my workout since he stayed home and watched the girls. Hugs have become abundant around here... and it has played a big part in our physical relationship as well... and I'll end that there. LOL!

But overall I am much happier than I have ever been... glad that next months reading is about work, because all this focus on me has given my new little company the cold shoulder and it needs some much needed attention but all is good on the homefront allowing me to make sure incase I need to dedicate more to my work it won't cause much of a rift.

***~~And the image was found over at I really love that site, even more I really love this image. How joyful and fun, one day I hope to feel unreserved enough to have fun like that!!!~~***


  1. I've been reading about you ladies and your progress with your personal Happiness Project and I'm glad to see that you tackled each task for this month with such great success, and that the result is genuine happiness. I must say that it's very inspiring. However, I will also say that I know for myself that Month 2 would be extremely daunting for me to take on, and I would struggle to overcome my own stubbornness and pride. Good on you for doing so well, and I'm happy that you're happier!

  2. I admire your determination to attempting all of the month 2 tasks, and it really shows in this post :)

    We do need to take care of ourselves first (easier said than done, of course!) and I hope that your happier state of being will spill over into the work front.

    Thanks for this great review of your progress!

  3. Ohhhh ladies, thanks for the encouragement. The last couple of years were hard with post partum not being the easiest, 2 kids only a year apart and not a ton of help. Happiness was something I so greatly needed, and I wasn't going to give up on my general happiness. My marriage wasn't the happiest it could be, I wasn't the happiest I could be. So I guess all of this is about doing the best for me, no matter if I don't want to tackle a subject!