My Happiness Project!

I have embarked in the next phase of improving myself. Perhaps because I believe we are some kind of clay to be molded and only when we have reached perfection in self and understanding that we can move on to our next destination. But enough of my surrealism...

I am reading The Happiness Project, the excitement inflicted within myself on the idea of reading the book is almost unfound around here. It came to me in a little Chapters bag and delivered to me by a so loving father who was willing to go and pick it up for me because I was so impatient about having it he went without a question.

I have read my first chapter and even kept reading to the next 2, if I am engrossed in a book I can't be good and read slowly... I must forge ahead.

The first chapter titled January is the beginning of the quest... what can and be the catapult into a freedom that is happiness. Gretchen describes her book as her personal way... it works for Gretchen, I think this means it's up for interpretation and things can be reformatted for you and your personal life but the tasks at hand this month are:

  1. Go to sleep earlier

  2. Excercise better

  3. Toss, restore, organise

  4. Tackle a nagging task

  5. Act more energetic

How these reflect my personal goals and what I plan on tackling each month (perhaps 3 weeks for me) because everything I read was that it takes 21 days of doing the same task to make it a habit... so here goes!

Go to sleep earlier--- this will be a task and a half for me, I am a night owl can't sleep unless I am exhausted and lap up the quiet time in my house to do everything from washing dishes to mundane tasks as checking my twitter acct, working on my blog and so on.

Excercise better--- to me this is avoiding it period... I tend to be lackadaisical about working out, if it happens it does it if doesn't well it didn't; but that is unacceptable feeling towards overall health. I need to take responsibility for my excercise regimen... so with my aerobic class I have added a belly dancing class as well. That make 2 classes a week... perhaps more energy that will make me to want to do more.

Toss, Restore, Organise--- if you know me I am incapable of letting go, every piece of clothing means a ton to me. I have a physical and emotional attachment to pieces when I was a teen I still haven't been able to let go of. Silliness you say... CORRECT! I have a girlfriend who has demanded I purge, it is happening this weekend. All of it, if I haven't worn it for the last 2 years I am ready to let it go. ( I hear you say 2 years, but hey I was pregnant for a great period of time so it's not cause I didn't want to, it's because I couldn't fit in it.)

Tackle a nagging task--- I have plenty and I would be in awe of meeting someone who didn't! I have a few on my list of things that just need to get done, they are big tasks that keep getting pushed and pushed because it's easier to get the small stuff in comparison done first, no more procrastination just getting er done attitude!

Act more energetic--- not sure what this means to Gretchen, to me it means just do it now. Why wait, why prolong, why say in a minute.... if you just do it, if you believe you have the energy to just do it now then do it! This is something I lack mostly because of example ( a name I will keep to myself) but if others are taking a easy approach then so will I. Something I need to let go of.

So are you reading the happiness project, will you be joining me along on this process...


  1. Good luck with creating your Happiness Project! It's great to meet more bloggers who are reading Rubin's book :)

    Keep us posted with your progress :D

  2. So funny -- I've seen this book mentioned on at least 3 blogs today! I'm not sure what that means.

    Ask Amy (advice columnist) had a letter from a reader today theorizing that someone with clutter issues might suffer from ADD. Just a thought!

    And you might also want to take a look at "The Objective is Happiness," another self-help book you might really like. There's even an ebook version for people like you who want it NOW! It makes the basics of achievement easy to understand and remember, and really does a good job of explaining everything from the power of positive thinking to the power of passion and action.

  3. Thanks for visiting!!

    Elisse... I love your blog and would love to take part in your Happiness Project group if you want to have another blogger talking about it!

    Liz... thank you so much for the feedback, sometimes I wonder if it's ADD but more like a mental ADD not a physical one or some sort of perfectionist complex where you just don't do anything if you can't do it perfectly.

    I am going to check out that other book... if you keep reading you'll see I am on a mission of self awareness and happiness!

  4. Hi Angie - I came across your blog from Fab Brunette's blog. I noticed that you are also reading The Happiness Project. I wanted to know if I can link up your post on THP on my blog. I would love to keep up with your progress as you read the though the book. Please let me know if you are okay with this.

    Here is my post on Chapter 1 of The Happiness Project -

    PS - I am reading the book along with Elisse so I was quite surprised to see that she has already commented on your blog.

  5. I saw the nice mention of my book, The Happiness Project, here. I very much appreciate those kind words and you shinning a spotlight on my work. Thanks and best wishes,

  6. Leesh... please fall me along, I will fallow you along! I think I will put together my next happiness project post about how a few of us are doing it to garner some happiness within ourselves-- it will be like our personal pay it forward!

    Gretchen- I am beside myself in excitement reading your comment. I read your chapters feeling like I can identifie myself as well as that I think I can hear you thinking up the words as you write them. Sad I missed you in Toronto on your tour, I saw the post on your website the day after you were here. Thank you for comming by, and I am a big supporter!!