Good Conversation

I sometimes can be a pain of a weird sense of melancholy with a smile on my face and then there are days like today where I vibrate enthusiasm, glee and sheer joy.

I am an easy girl to please all I need is good conversation!

Today I had the pleasure of getting out of my house for some great conversation and some mommy talking (this is when mommy's get together and just talk--- so needed when you are stuck at home a lot). A larger scaled playdate at my friend Julie's house, where my girls bombarded her house, but talked about networking, working and coping with husbands. Where watching our kids play and do is just as much fun as the rest of the conversation.

Once the girls were sleeping from their exhausting earlier part of their day, husband at home doing his thing... I went over to visit a neighbour mommy! Simple conversation and Olympic watching; such ease and simple girly girl conversation just being able to divulge and be honest. Refreshing!

I really do relish these simple outings, I am not wearing anything fantastic, we aren't solving world peace... but for the hour of sanity, for that moment when you realise you aren't the only one feeling something, reacting to something or just appreciating each others understanding of the lack of sleep that mommies suffer from and regrouping after birth--- it really doesn't get any better!

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