I have a bug...


I am not a sporty girl... I use to play soccer, I plan for my daughters to play soccer but I don't know how to ride a bike, can't ski down a mountain, can't throw a basketball into the net, can't skate/Rollerblade. I can swim circles around you... and free float--- I would never drown!!

But I love love to watch sports during the Olympics... I don't watch the popular sports I think that is boring, NO HOCKEY in my house, we watch Luging, Moguls, looking forward to the ski jumping. I would never imagine doing this sport... but I do love to watch it in awe... in aspiration and in amazement!

In the summer it's the same thing... I am a fanatic for Gymnastics, all athletics like running, pole vault, jumping and so much.

I watched with pride and joy the first Canadian to win gold on Canadian soil... it was truly the most exciting and emotional thing I have seen thus far. I am obvious cheering for Canada... but when these people go flying off the sides of mountains, when they hit 100 kms across frozen ice, when they glide with perfection I am cheering them all on. With grace and perfection these athletes deserve their moment, if they do it better than the person before them than so be it--- they deserve the medal and the cheer.

Are you watching the Olympics?

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