Weighing my options...

You all might know that I have been working on my physical weight this year, you all know this has been a large journey to cope and deal with for me... as in I won't put my foot into the water unless I am diving all in.

I don't go window shopping, don't just have a bite of cake and I don't know how do something if I am not doing the thing full heartedly.

I had started a blog last year about my ambitions to run for city council because I think parents are under viewed in the city scope and we are a large community with needs, programs and a voice in cabinet.

But there is a wrench in my plans... or is it more like in my train of thought. Things seem to be picking up for me work wise, I see a future of bright and happy projects that might be great and fantastic in my world of fashion fabulousness (I work in the fashion industry but that is for another post I promise). Do I let my ideal, my vision, my dream to work in the greater good of fixing my city that is in economical turmoil, in a city that is divided by over spending and under funding for core needs.

If I do this it will take away way too much time from my family... does a year of campaign usurp a chance at 4 years of doing something great for my community and city. Will this affect my children, will I get the support I need, will this be worth the effort, the time???

Is this what mother's brains do during the time to make a decision, is the indecisiveness of the decision worse than the decision itself??

I plan on making a decision soon, nothing is lost in the decision I take.... my family is my sole priority in when the decision is made and how it will affect my nuclear family, if my husband is up for the task and if we can put a schedule that works for me in my campaigning duties as well as having time for my girls.

A lot to think about... but that is my process this year to make the best decisions for me, follow my life path meant for me and just work my tail off to get it done.

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