Pursuit of Happiness!

Not sure where to even begin this post... but let's try!

I sat in the movie theater years ago in anticipation of the movie "Pursuit of Happiness" featuring Will Smith; a story I had watched on the Oprah Winfrey show about a man who was at his complete end and didn't give up hope to succeed to make his life better than it was.

Now I sat there, with a glimmer of an idea of what was awaiting me throughout the movie, a man whose personal need to keep his child, his career and life's goals in his constant realm of possibility that at his lowest of lows he never gave up.

My husband decided to put the movie on again this evening... and it stirred an emotional thought in me. What do you do to get your personal pursuit of happiness? What is your personal idea of happiness?

Would I sleep in a bathroom with no idea of a home, would I work an non-paying job with the hope that one day I might get one that pays... and to boot, how would I feed my child every day.

In this trying economic time, there must be people amongst people with these situations, some who will wallow in the self worth and others who will persevere to have more and do more. But why do people only go deep inside their personal realm to achieve greatness only after they have reached the complete most rock bottom of their personal situation?

My life crossed someones path recently, someone who was unmarried and in no serious personal relationship, both parents had passed away and he went through all his personal savings and he didn't know how to bring himself out of his self pitying force; he only continued to dig himself deeper, as if his situation couldn't get worse... he couldn't appreciate his own self worth and he couldn't grasp his on need to pull up his boot straps to get himself together for himself!

I am in my pursuit of happiness... I see it--- what will I bring to get my happiness, what will I sacrifice to get it... who knows but it's time to focus and PURSUE!

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