Mother watching TV...

I use to be a crazy TV watcher! My family use to call me the TV guide, not because I watched everything, but I could remember what was good on TV every night of the week what everyone watched and how to schedule all of our coordinating TV watching so that no one ever argued.

Having 2 babies in a short period of time has put a stop to this TV passion... ask me now what is one Wednesday night on TV on any channel I couldn't give you an answered even if I tried. I watch promos for all these great shows and can't wait to watch them but they start, they go on and I forget about them and even that they even existed.

Some Deep End series started, no clue when it's on or when to watch it period. I am a dedicated Heroes watcher, at least I believe I am even though I miss episodes because well I forget what day it is and that it's on. I also need to watch Biggest Loser because newly it inspires me... it use to make me eat if you could believe it to watch all those heavy people working out.

I have my own Soap Opera of choice.... Young and the Restless... can't forget when it's on because been watching it since I was 10 I think, and well if I miss a day or 2 I can jump right in when I remember to put it on.

I watch what I would like to call useless TV, when my children are asleep and I can finally rest it is now 11 pm, I turn on my local Star TV and watch the ridiculousness that is the Magazine shows- the Access Hollywood and Extra shows followed by a repeat of the days Dr. Oz and if I am not comatose by 2 am I will watch the beginning of The View.

Not that I need to watch these, actually I continue to dream about the day I think it's feasible to get myself a PVR so that I don't waste my TV watching to numbingly dumb TV but to quality shows with quality actors that are dramatic or even funny.

What are you watching on your Boob Tube?

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