Destination... out-there!

My sister is in a plane and might be landing to her destination as I am typing, a nice warm sunny beach with all-inclusive food and drinks and not having to clean up after oneself for a week... sounds like utter bliss.

It has left me with the thoughts of where I would love to go next. Husband and I have not been on a planned vacation ever really... we went to Mexico for a month , our honeymoon non-existent since I couldn't leave on a Monday to return on another Monday, I was only entitled to the one week of vacation.

But I want to go somewhere pretty, historical with ornate buildings.... city scape's, city gardens, ... rivers, lakes, walkways... it needs to be pretty. To take my whole family and take an abundant amount of pictures in front of historical buildings of some sort. This is what I envision.

I am leaning to Berlin... not sure how to plan or budget for cation if you want to laugh at me, I learnt a beautiful habit from my parents... you want to go on a vacation you wait til you have a surplus and then go. Truly... this has been the way to go on vacation in my family. We have a friend in Paris awaiting us, another in Spain, another in Memphis.... I could head out to Victoria, B.C. and see a fellow mommy- ohhh I obviously want to see it all and do it all... but I need to figure out what I want more and try and get that vacation down first.

Where are you planning on going next? Do you go on long planned out jaunts to anywhere? Share... I am curious!?!?!?

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