And that was the day I gave birth!

I always wanted to be a mom, had decided my children's names before even getting married and was certain she'd be a girl.

My birth story isn't some vivid tale of waters exploding in the middle of the mall... or frantically waiting in traffic during contractions. More like the reality of what a really long delivery is actually all about.

I was scheduled for a 9 am induction at my hospital of choice, got their slightly late for the planned time of when I should have been there. And to my luck everyone felt like going into labour that day there would be a waiting line to get into a nice and large labour room. I was told not to eat and I thought that wasn't going to fly for very long this 39 week pregnant ( I was induced early because they thought she'd be too big if I let her get full term.)

So arrival time at Hospital was 9 am, line up to get a room allowed me to go to an A&W to get a Teen Burger thank goodness I did, I didn't get into my room til 11pm. So far I have been in the process of having this baby for over 13 hours. I got the pitocin fairly quickly, it wasn't as bad as I was told it would be, told the nurse I was handling it no problem, she upped my levels. Was asked if I needed an epidural and said no, was told that the anesthesiologist was on the floor and I might not be able to get him if I needed him urgently. I thought yeah whatever, this is a cake walk so far.... my nurse who was really nice said to me that Pitocin contractions are far worse than any other contractions and that I was doing really well... but by the time I would be fully dilated the pain would be unbearable.

Decided I needed to go to the ladies room... as I was there I had a severe contraction and my knees buckled right under me! The pain wasn't bad, but my body couldn't handle it. So I turned to the nurse and said where is the epidural. Quickly enough the most fearful thing happened, some man came into the room with a needle far longer than my head. Well it went easy, so easy that they put a drip system into me, never had to top it off, never waned the whole time... my feet continued to swell. I was told I was heavy medicated and should get the most sleep possible because the contractions wouldn't let me sleep. HA! Sleeping kicked in and like throughout my whole pregnancy when I slept so did all my organs. Contractions disappeared til the late AM when I fully woke up.

And I asked to get some more pitocin. For hours--- NOTHING! Visitors after visitors who assumed she would have been here from the night before wondering what was taking so long. Well 36 hours after we got to the hospital she arrived. It was a beautiful Saturday, and she was a night baby. My sister who witnessed the whole pushing part of the birth went and celebrated with cousins with rounds of shots.

But that day my eldest came into the world... and I was a Mom, the Adult in the relationship and well hopefully someone she could look up to! We are best friends, and no one can make her laugh as hard as I can. Her sense of humour far drier than my, her necessity for her to clean things, but a stubborn and serious streak that is all me--- she makes me proud to be her mom!

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