Fashionably yours...

When you see me walking by you down the street you just wouldn't know, you wouldn't guess or even imagine... I am a Fashion WHORE!

That is a wrong word choice, I am a fashion junkie! I have read more articles, seen more collections and could quote you a colour trend even before it happens just from my knowledge of the colour directions of season pasts.
I do not own anything with the label Chanel, Armani or even Cavalli in my closet. Doesn't mean I couldn't school you on it...

I have been someone who pushes the fashion limits, and NEVER afraid of colour. I have refined my look since high school perhaps something that needed to be done since I don't weigh anywhere the same weight as I use to. But this lady loves out there in your face Betsey Johnson, loves Pucci and Missoni. Would love to wear Versace or Cavalli and one day I envision that much!

But this is my passion and my hobby, what makes my bomb tick, my mental perversions keep going and my constant need for knowledge takes me. I love to bring you along in my world of constant thought... my brain is a funny place--- I, not so funny... LOL!!

So until I can squeeze myself into the latest piece of perfection, until I can afford it without taking a hit at my mortgage payment... I will continue to live through my shoes. Shoes are so good to you; it doesn't matter what size clothing you are your shoes usually are always going to fit. And if you buy shoes that are far too expensive their shelf life in your closet will far outlast that in your face dress or over the top Top.

What makes you tick, what's a hobby to you? And do you love fashion as much as I do??

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  1. Hi Angie! Thank you so much for your comment in my blog!

    I love fashion too, though I go for something I can find through thrift store and experiment through old and new style! I love mix and matching clothes, I love big earrings and beads! I am not sure if I really look fashionably hot. But hey, I don't mind getting educated on this.

    Consider me one of your new readers, Angie!

    Happy Easter!