Don't go near my Pots!?!?!

I grew up in a household where there was always a deep frying pan on the stove full of oil whenever my mother needed to make french fries (why this is so horrible is that before the age of 23 both me and my sis had to take out our gallbladders).

But here sat this pot, with caked on grease that I don't even know if the pot had a colour or was of a metal shade. And I go into others kitchens and see their baking sheets, their skillets, frying pans, sauce pans and even roasting pans blotchy, with stains, colours of caked on items that well others deem to be clean.

When I had my girls people would come and help me with small tasks, some would clean my dishes. I would REFUSE, honestly I would rather let my dishes go days on end then have someone wash my pots to their liking.

Don't get me wrong, I don't live in a house that is so immaculate you don't feel like you could sit anywhere, but I love my cooking items, I love my pots. Some of my pots are teenagers in their age, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference from my newer Kitchen Aide pots that are a mere 2 years old. There is NO caking on. They gleam with perfection!

I have a ritual of SOS pad, followed by a good scrubbing of Green Palmolive with a regular yellow sponge with the Green scratch pad attached to it. I always do the SOS first and make sure to rewash them with the Palmolive. Why you might ask? Because if your using stainless steel pots and you are cleaning them with steel wool... which I believe allows for early corrosion, so you wash off any steel particles to avoid any rusting in your pots.

I had to post this rant because I got back a roasting pan from Easter that was borrowed, and spent the evening scrubbing it to my liking, which means spotless! I will never understand how any caked on oil could ever be considered clean, sit and scrub it will come off I promise you that!

What are you anal about? What is your pet peeve?

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