My Deadly Sin!

I deal with my weight in a precarious manner, I deal to deal with it in an even more ridiculous manner... I don't deal with it properly at all!

I have come to the terms that I am continuing to work towards a deadly sin, I suffer from Gluttony! I am a sugar addict, a meat addict, a milk addict, a carb addict!! I don't have a trigger behaviour, I can go all day without eating no matter if I am happy or sad. I don't eat for any other reason than I am wanting food.

I usually want SUGAR, I won't lie as I ate my last cookie covered in whip cream just before I started writing this post. I will look for something sweet, I guess a mental and physical trigger to get the greatest amount of calories inside of me since I had been starving for the last while. But I feel the twinge and didn't really enjoy it after it has been consumed. This is no buyer's remorse I am describing... the after taste left behind isn't pleasant.

I am a Man's woman too.... bring me a big beautiful steak and my carb induced potatoes and I am a happy woman. Actually I am happiest eating this meal. The sheer pleasure in eating something that I cooked that tastes fantastic I could keep going and going. The idea of enjoying it is truly happiness to me.

So fasting ended on Saturday.... and this brought the reality of how easy it was to lose weight without meats and milks but turning vegan would be so mentally unsatisfying. I love my meat and what can be created with a milk product. I don't do imitation, I am not an imitation kind of girl, there are no fake Louis in this house if you know what I mean!?!?!?

So Easter dinner done, Lamb (not something I chose to eat, but I made it this time and it was fantastic if I say so myself) which I learnt unhappily that each serving is around 700 calories and that is just referring to the lamb not any of the side dishes. I make the greatest Greek Lemon Potatoes, and I think I consumed 5-10 servings I lost count somewhere during the meal. Bring on dessert, a drink of some sort and I had a symphony all night... NOT what you think, my poor tummy growled and moaned, talked to me, keeping my up all night.

I am going to continue to deal with my food issues, but share along how you deal with food???


  1. I'm a carb addict in a bad way, so I can relate to this post. I love my breads, and I think I would have lost myself in your Greek Lemon potatoes.

    When I can, I try and keep the carb snacks out of the house! This out of sight/out of mind approach works well, except when the hubby craves his potato chips!

    Having said that, I think the most successful changes to your eating habits come when it's a household decision, not just one person.

    If you've tried/maintain some healthy eating habits, please let us know! :)

  2. I have major trouble with food and I seriously needed help with dieting, so I joined Dr. Bernstein. I know, I know, but it seems to be working 3 days in! I hope this will help with my relationship with food too !

  3. Wish you would have said something, everyone I know who did Bersteins only gained the weight right back and faster than they got it off. The only person I know who was successful at keeping the weight off did Herbal Magic--- 3 years later she still is 5 pounds around her weight loss mark. But I know 3 seperate people who did Bernsteins and well... as I said! But I hope you can defeat the odds. I am following along-- you know that!

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  5. I absolutely love carbs and pasta. I love bread, it's my weakness. But I also love cupcakes, chocolate, chips, cookies...anything junk food, you name it, I'll eat it!

    I honestly don't know how to control my eating habits. I just love food too much and I am not ashamed of it. What I need to do is go down to the gym and kick some butt.

    Are you willing to share your recipe for Greek Lemon Potatoes?

    (as I type this, I am thinking about eating some cheezies - so bad considering it's 10:20 pm)