Being a role model!

I am a mommy to 2 girls... to very young and very little girls. In a search and need to be the best me to make sure I can be the best role model possible for my girls I make choices that affect us all primarily teaching my girls that I too am important and beautiful as I tell them as well.

But what is beauty, is it beautiful to be on the cover of a magazine, if you are adored in Hollywood, or because all the boys flock to you??? French Elle decided to take a stab at someone truly beautiful. Tara Rayonne!

Never heard of her, neither have I! Never do they call her a plus size model, never to they refer to her as heavy or overweight. They do the opposite! She is referred to as not skinny, not unhealthily thin... she is beautiful! And she is! 27 years young (at my age it makes me feel young) it describes a scene where they are shooting nudes of her, and she doesn't balk or complain, she doesn't nit pick or fall into disgust about what her body looks like in an image. She loves the shots!

I know women in clothing who become concerned and will rip their own personal egos to shred about what they perceive as dismorphic proportions on their own physique. Belittling their own selves! This can't be healthy mantra, this can't be good for the soul!?!?!?!?!

I don't think they should start filling magazines with only fuller models, I am disturbed at the trend with the grotesque bony ones too--- if you don't fit into a sample size the stylist shouldn't be reshaping the outfit to fit on a frail body, and I have seen this happen with my own eyes. I am talking about clamps that are the size of my head to hold dresses and shirts tight enough to get on these bizarrely thin girls. But we all have shape, our models should reflect the various shapes of people.

My daughters as young and little as they are, their bodies are different from each other. Mine completely opposite of my sister's as well. A normal phenomena in a sister household... but I don't want one of my daughters to ever believe her body is wrong or disproportion compared to the other ones. So I will grow to love myself, just to teach my girls to love themselves! I will be their role model (hopefully!!) and I am glad that Elle France decided that they could make a role model out of this beautiful girl!
If you can read french or have Google Translator on your Internet server, please go and read this beautiful Dossier as they call it!

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