Why don't you sweat it out???

Today I renewed my membership at the local Community center gym... ironically the Instructor also renewed her contract with the facility.

I always like to go to a Karen class... can't tell you how fulfilling it is to leave there, your legs feeling like jelly and your muscles aching for days afterwards. You know you got a workout that kicked your ASS!! But today, I put on my sweat band (I will share soon enough this little item with you soon enough) and decided I was going to give it my all at the gym. Dropped my girls off to my mom's for the hour, grab a bottle of water and went to class. A full class it was today, full of plenty of people I never seen in there before. Karen spotted me immediately with a look of where have you been?

The class started, I work hard when I go... there are somethings I can't do, there is plenty my shoulder can't do since the Incredible fall I suffered last August. But I went into it with as much gusto as possible. I don't do all the jump moves, I am not the lightest on my feet, but today I thought if I am going to do this I am going to give it my all.

The workout so satisfying... the sweat the most I remember from any class I had taken this last year. The sweat band drenched, my face a shade of Red Rose!! I hope I can keep this up... I need to lose weight, I owe it to myself.

I decided I was going to walk up the stairs of the CN Tower... over 1700 steps! My husband hasn't decided if he wants to do it with me, he doesn't have to if he doesn't want to--- but I turn 30 this year and I want to have been able to add something to my list of things done, and I want to do it with the most minimal of huffing and puffing. It would be something I can work towards!

Do you work out? What excercise keeps you motivated?
***image provided through weheartit--- from Women's Health Mag


  1. Sounds like you're pumped to get fit again! I can sense the motivation in this post!

    Good luck with your renewed commitment to exercise! I'm certainly ramping it up these days with a month to go till my birthday!

  2. Ohhh Elisse... I hope so, I keep trying to figure out how come I can't trigger the need to stay on the routine of excercising!?!?!? Are you going to share with us what you are doing over at FurElisse?