No Pain, No Gain!

Hi my Name is Angie and I am a Lactic Acid sufferer!

I hurt.... like really hurt! I went to the gym yesterday. Not in a New Year resolution kind of way, but a life time reality... working out is not a resolution, goal, seasonal behaviour but something I need to do on a constant life activity that I will strive to continue on a weekly/daily basis!

I went to my muscle conditioning class taught by my favorite new instructor Robin! Why do I love this girl.... she makes our bodies do things they have never done before... and you know this to be true since I can barely move or walk today!

What was so great about this class, and things you might try and incorporate in your workout because the pain that hurts so much makes you feel so good because you know you worked your ass off like a MOFO, and you are proud like a turd when you can barely crawl down the stairs, the idea of picking up something off the floor is a triumph and a half.... but the pain is making me smile!

So what did we do---
  1. For about 10 minutes we did squat reps with weights in hand.
  2. Then we followed those with side lunges, with curls and shoulder presses combined.
  3. Now Salsa it with your weights in hand, do 4 steps and side squats, repeat
  4. Pick up your step and well do lat lifts, followed by wide shoulder raises
  5. Now put it down and start the Ballet boot camp (both sides)
  6. Now place your step in decline head on the bottom...
  7. Do every possible arm, chest, shoulder weight move possible, we even rowed in decline
  8. Now put the weights down, crunch time! Make those ribs meet your hips still in decline ok?
  9. Now get on the mat beside you, more arm workouts... yeah I said more.
  10. Roll over, side plank, roll over, raised plank, now standard plank, push ups
  11. Ohhhh you thought we were finished.... hahaha!!! More crunches, lift the right leg crunch and meet your knee...
  12. Now take your weights again and time to do Chest fly while doing bicycle with your legs
  13. Did you make sure you did the side plank on both sides
  14. Now stretch every possible muscle in your body because this will be the last time it feels nice for the next few days!

Now I might have missed something, I am NOT the trainer here, so don't do these at home if you don't workout on a regular, I take no responsibility if you get hurt or if you do it and also can't MOVE for days after.... I have more than ENOUGH forewarned you about the pain I am enduring!

But the benefit will pay off... the mini skirts are in my future again and I am sooooo excited---- yes there are a million O's in that because the pain, while painful is so exhilarating because it means I am giving over 110% when I am in the gym, I don't half ass it, I don't do anything without all of my energy.

So if you are out there, in a rut not sure if it's too late in the year, tomorrow is too late... today is a perfect time to do it! So go out there, and well get hurt a little!


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  1. This workout is truly inspiring. I am trying to figure out how to balance my travel life and staying fit. I'll keep reading and watching.

    Luv your tweets

  2. I absolutely LOVE that picture of Marilyn pumping iron! I've never seen it before. I love the truth behind it; we are so used to seeing her being the sex symbol/pinup girl; well, here's what she has to do the get that gorgeous figure. It's a picture of strength in femininity--I love it!