Green Eye Monster of Jealousy! Friendship revised...

So I was part of a conversation that well made me think... I have had these conversations before and listened intently to others saying how they see my relationship and lackadaisical way when it comes to protect my relationship!

Let's discuss... I have no jealous bone in my body! No literally--- ask around! I don't know how to be jealous; that being said I unfortunately (at least this is the definition my friends would take) don't get remotely possessive of my husband, and expect the same mutual respect of my husband.

What does that mean? I am allowed to have MALE friends... he is encouraged to be friends with girls. More so my husband wouldn't go and seek out a friendship from a strange female, but our mutual friends are well mutual. If a girlfriend came over and I wasn't here, I would assume she would stay grab a chair, play with the girls and have a coffee with him. Would I automatically be worried, concerned, fearful or jealous??? ---- Ummm NO! That almost seems odd, why would I believe my husband would every be disloyal to me, would my friend put the moves on my husband, are these not suppose to be people who love and cherish me.

What I honestly believe, is if you have a glimmer of doubt a thought of this possibly occurring than you don't really trust one or both people in the situation.

Why I might go mental if my husband was jealous... I am human but not mean or sneaky to a fault. Do I find men attractive, of course I do; I am married not dead! Men don't all look the same, no one person is utter perfection and I am not in-love with my husband because of his looks, it's far more than that and will always be more that! But will my husband ever get jealous of my uber social ways with the opposite sex, no!! I believe he knows I am not that stupid, remotely retardedly in-love with the man that is in my life to be knocking on the door of moral stupidity.

But what bothers me more than some or many of my friends calling our relationship a mystery in non-jealousy... is that they wouldn't engage in a social friendly meeting/hangout with either of us. Why? Because I would trust my husband to hang out with them, why would they not trust me with their husbands or boyfriends. I have NO interest in him WHATSOEVER! Why would going out for coffee, lunch or dinner with my friend who might just happen to be the opposite sex be so touchy of an issue. We are Friends! Friends... when did the word friend get lost in reality that people are scared of their actual friends.

Perhaps I believe in the sanctity of Friendship! That our friends may they be male or female are a person to have a great conversation with, to share great stories and not expect anything more than that!

So get me or not... I am not asking you to think like me, but I definitely think my belief sense is all that makes sense to me. If I was your friend, would you trust me enough to have lunch with your significant other???


  1. i think it's totally whack for a woman not to have male friends and not trust her husband/bf to go out with female friends.

    my bf happens to be a man and we hang out all the time. we go to dinner, i go over to his house for play dates (our kids are in the same daycare) and i would be with my hubs if he was the jealous type (and vice versa).

    what drives me crazy is when women (and men) get angry if their hubs/bf want to go out with their friends. they think that they should be spending all of their free time together and feel insulted if their hubs/bf want to hang out with friends.

  2. Kathy I think we think the same....