Self-Help Silly, Self-Help Psycho or Self-Help Nerd?

Where do I begin....

I am slightly obsessed with reading self-help! Been for years but never read the right group of authors... and then last year I was brought the information about the Happiness Project!

I got the book the week it was released and after spending a few deteriorating mental health months due to my lack of mobility from my broken humerus (left arm) it was the right book the doctor ordered! I became enthralled, I even blogged about my chapters; but I was so engrossed in completing the book I read and read, months in advanced of my posts.

This book taught me that I was in charge of my own happiness... serious AHA moment here people, serious! Followed by the fact that I started reading Dr. Phil... I had another revelation when I picked up The Success Principles from Jack Canfield, that the realization that not just my
inner happiness can be affected by me and me only, but also the goals I make, the fruiting of my personal achievements and one of the major reasons that I got up the courage to run for City Council was the reality that I can talk the talk the talk for so long until I walk the walk... but since the elections I feel like I am at a stale mate with myself.

And then as I was sitting reading my twitter feed... Gretchen Rubin (Author of the Happiness Project) tweeted that she would be in Toronto for a meet and greet and a signing of her book! I had a ding-ding moment... how can I miss out on something so great! So alone, I went to the Indigo Book store in the Manulife Center. It was exhilarating! I got to meet someone who was the catalyst of the change I needed, the excitement continued and I walked over to the self-help section and just couldn't stop myself. Books were falling out of my arms, a wonderful helper at the Indigo ran over to meet; asked to help me... I was so appreciative! I sat in their Starbucks, coffee in hand trying to read the Table of Contents, Back covers--- all too good to part with. So in tow with 5 separate books, I left a satisfied girl!

And as yesterday was supposed to be Blue Monday; I went to sleep far happier than I had awaken that morning! Hope you did something great on your Blue Monday and that in life you are in a constant search of well... a Better you!



  1. That's awesome that you got to meet the author. Sorry I couldn't go with you but I am glad you went.

  2. I am proud I went to... would have bailed on most occasions,the cold being one of them! But I went and it was really gratifying!