Manifestations and Affirmations... OH MY!

I sat in front of a woman the other day and asked me what my affirmations were?

Without looking contrived or even constipated... dumbfounded I was but was attempting to uphold a sense of personal awareness that she was referring to.

I don't have any affirmations... didn't think I needed any! Am I manifesting what I want she continued. More lost than the first sentence, this conversation was leading to a reality I hadn't dealt with lately. You can only help yourself... and I was lost to the world of positive affirmations and manifesting the things I wanted.

Affirmations to me was something sixteen year old girls should say to themselves to feel beautiful and smart due to peer to peer pressure. But I didn't need to convince myself of who I am... I am MOI, I like MOI, I am happy with my choices and my circumstances. Manifesting something also appeared foreign to my situation. Manifesting meant causing an upheaval of change, I didn't need change perse I wanted comfort in my materialistic life.

But I had started on the Happiness Project, I had come to terms with my fear of failure.... and what had I learnt. That I wasn't projecting my goals; that my thoughts weren't direct. Asking for the universe to provide you with Happy didn't mean much would change but I should be happy. Phoniness seemed unavoidable if nothing was going to change, and I realised the change was for the better.

I was assuming my goals of wealth and happiness wasn't more than wanting to go shopping in the mall for a shirt... but no detail. I would be in there the whole day looking for a shirt that I wasn't sure I wanted or not. The shirt needs to be casual, formal, or fun. It needs to have short sleeves, no sleeves or long ones. I needs to have something on the front, a print, a pattern, a shape, bedazzled, stitching... what do I want?

I realise I settle well... I am pleased easily! But because I wasn't not bother by things I was not looking towards anything either.

So I am manifesting now... I am looking towards my personal affirmations and realising that I can have wants, I can have expectations, I have goals and dreams that are only as lofty as I can believe them to be. I am the author of my destiny... time to write down the table of contents of my life, working on making my life worth reading about!


  1. I haven't really seriously done that either. I mean, I've figured out what my affirmations ARE but I don't look at them daily or repeat them or anything. One day at a time!

  2. Hey Fab... never knew to do that, sometimes I wonder why didn't I realise such simple things as thoughtout goals... but if this helps me to get somewhere I want to be!