I think I got HIGH!!

Sometimes I wonder if I got into the right industry, sometimes I wonder if I am not really following the right career path.

What is a mommy of 2, who is not a sample size doing in the fashion industry? I am not tall enough and definitely don't look like a model, I can't begin to budget for Louboutins or Chanel with a mortgage and kids to care for in the city, I don't have a trust fund or a sugar daddy and I can't be seen nightly on the party circuit with a house to care for and a marriage to foster.

But I have been in the Industry for over 6 years, done a lot of jobs but don't hold a fancy title or make tons of money either. But after so many years I finally Event Produced my first fashion event of my own. While I was standing at the end of the runways in front of press cameras cuing the models to stop, be fierce and pose their little hearts out and then rushing them over to the rest of the catwalk... I think I felt my first ever work HIGH! It was honestly exhilarating, and it was something that brought an abundant smile to my face, nothing that I have ever felt before. It was a hectic event, the longest runway I have ever worked with or seen, I was hungry and tired.... but when I saw the first model reach me I was ON!

I am sure, when things are slow for me again, when I am trying to put together the next event and working my tail off I might question my career choice and the reality of me in this bleak industry but I haven't been able to wash off the high and exuberance, as for now I love my work, love what I do, love putting it together but love the end result most.

I think we should all experience this kind of HIGH!


  1. Congrats on the success of your show/event! Will you be sharing some pictures? I coordinate events too. I use to get that high when my event is over and turned out to be a huge success but I don't get that feeling anymore. I think it's because I am in the wrong industry. So I was quite envious to hear of your high!

  2. Thanks Leesh... not sure if I might share more on my event on here, not really the blog kind of thing I want to talk about. I had promised myself this was somewhere I could come and talk about myself, my thoughts, and my actions. No selling myself, no talking about clients and definitely no posts about my babies. This is my secret place where I get a chance to cleanse my brain of the multitude of thoughts that run through it.