You got to work...

So I guess it was time that I discussed, what keeps me busy from the blog I love so dear and how else to I spend time with myself other than my daughters.

I am a venture kind of girl... I like getting knee deep in projects and working hard. Something most people gawk at me about. But I am not a one note girl, I can't see myself doing one task for the rest of my life, God forbid enjoy this one task if had to also.

I am a fashionista by thought and by training... I studied Fashion Photography in College, realised it wasn't fulfilling enough when I landed one of the most coveted assistant jobs in Toronto. Decided to go back to school after holding down a job that I didn't love but payed the bills well... and studied the Business of Fashion. One extravagant internship later, with credit on multiple pages of a magazine.

Then a baby appeared, by choice of course... a job in Production for an artist agency in Toronto. Getting event work on the side has gotten me my own event contracts to handle on my own. A weird foray into the world of events... more interesting the world of being your own boss and well a Mommy!

So info on the events I have been working on soon to come... but til then, I am posting about February in my Happiness Project before the end of the week. Imagining myself NOT NAGGING.... coaxing myself into believing it is possible!

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  1. With you mentioning that you will be posting about February's Happiness Project, it reminded me that I haven't even read that chapter yet. Looks like I will be reading and blogging about Remembering Love this weekend (and hopefully I won't do any nagging either).