Women Rule Oscar Style!

Sometimes I forget that I born during the generation that the gender we are born with doesn't create disadvantages or advantages for any particular reality other than physical stature and strength!

Oscars happened and now they have ended and I sit here, awed by the grace and gratitude of the speeches that came from Sandra Bullock and Kathryn Bigelow. Both so emotional and honest.

But today more happened than women getting awards, a glass ceiling has been broken. Women who feel that Directing is a Male favoured industry; who don't receive the praise or recognition for their craft. This is a proud moment for women, if I was someone in my past life I must have been a suffragette--- I would have burnt my bra with pride and honour and would do it again today if it ever needed be.

Don't get me wrong I like the Oscars for all the frivolous reasons most do, hey I studied Fashion. I watch for the dresses, some might call this sexist... but it's about the designers, the stylist (ohhh the stylists who fail their clients!!--- I know you saw Sarah Jessica Parker's dress tonight!)

Did you have a favorite moment of the Oscars? Favorite dresses?

My choices are Kate Winslet, Miley Cyrus, Marishka Hargitay, Rachel McAdams and Elizabeth Banks!

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  1. I think Sandra Bullock looked gorgeous. I loved the hair and lipstick. I was extremely happy when she won for Best Actress. She totally deserved it for The Blind Side.