How my project process is going?!?!?!

I have gotten all the way to Chapter 8, have taken a stop at reading any further because that chapter is a little heavy for what I want to get into.

But what and has transpired to date. It's been 16 days in... and I am genuinely happier than I was. Don't get me wrong, the book isn't the source of my happiness but looking to reach a happiness has altered my perception to attaining happiness. I am loftier, persevering and more interested in my personal belief in my SELF!

What does that mean. Some items on this list are harder to do than others.

Sleep earlier: if you know me you are saying... BAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! And they would be right. The night owl in me finds it hard to give up the utter silence in the house which allows me to get stuff done. But fighting with the idea that if I wanted my own time I would have to do it once the girls went to sleep was unrealistic and unfair to myself. I can ask someone to watch the girls for a couple hours, I can work or attempt to work and have my husband do something with the girls outside of the house for a bit. Which then allows me to do stuff. If have gone to bed earlier than other times some days, I am NOT as exhausted... allowing me to be happier!

Excercise Better: Well my elliptical machine needs a replacement power cord, so this much has not been better. I have done a few more excercises with my shoulder that I had been allowing to fall to the waist side. So this task is a work in progress of monstrous proportions!

Toss, Restore, Organise: I do feel uplifted. I leave my bedroom to be the last place I clean, the girls don't really go in there anymore, guests don't ever see it... I need the room for sleeping only. But the book just told me this was something I couldn't do anymore, the room has been redecorated, the furniture moved around. The clothing in drawers, the dresses and suits (my husbands) hanging beautifully in the closet. For some reason going into my room is far more pleasing and I don't feel regretful when I walk in there.

Tackle a nagging task: The room was one of them!!!! But my issues with tasks is a self doubt, a fear that cripples me from doing stuff or just getting stuff done. Not only do I just somehow realise that I can, I just do! I feel lighter and happier!

Act more energetic: This one for me has been HUGE! Everything has changed, I am a glorified PROCRASTINATOR, I patiently believed that things will get done and to be calm and relaxed, my husband a serial procrastinator made me worse and worse as the years went by. If I need something to get done I just do it myself. I don't ask for help unless I direly need it, and my just do it attitude has kicked in!

5 more days in this chapter and then we move on to the next chapter which is to focus on love, trust me there is plenty for me to work on there lately!

But if you are reading the book as I am... you can see that Gretchen has 12 commandments to adulthood. I have found my first commandment for myself... it's just do it! I might sound like a Nike ad but I feel like that is

So slowly I will be starting my own commandments... because there must be a set of scruples and personal beliefs that we all live to be. I think this is a real test to ones self... when I first read about hers the idea of coming up with my own seemed daunting and unattainable. Now I see them morphing into my personal reality.

See you at Chapter/Month 2!!!


  1. im proud of you for sticking this out! i find that when i start projects like this, i start with good intentions and then life happens and it gets put on the back burner again. keep it up! you inspire others!

  2. Ohhhh lady, that is too sweet! I am not the best person or the smartest, and if people can see I am just like one of them maybe they can see that the world is all of ours plucking!

  3. I love your first commandment to "just do it!" Way to challenge that internal talk that tempts you to procrastinate. I often find myself in the same dilemma!

    Happy weekend, Angie!

  4. I find that when my bedroom is at least somewhat organized and neat, I feel much better and motivated to do other things.

    Right now things are pretty messy as my sister is home for spring break, so I kind of can't wait until next week when she's gone and I can get the room back in order-again.