Happiness Thus far...

So 10 days since I last posted a comment or a post about the experience of my personal Happiness Project!

I am one of those readers, I have gotten through 5 chapters already but went through chapter one all over again to give myself a mental reminder of what the tasks are to be for the remaining 20 days as I do the first part (chapter/month) of this book.

In doing this little project I found myself reading others activity in reading this book and have joined a fantastic bunch of bloggers who eagerly are in the same mental space and looking to improve their levels of happiness! (Really is there anything better than that???)

I was gladly excited at the invitation I received from Elisse over at FurElisse, even more excited when Gretchen Rubin herself commented on my blog. I really can't begin to describe the joy this book has brought to me so far and it's only been 2 weeks since I got my little pudgy hands on it.

If you can't get a chance to get your hands on this book you really need to at least find the blog she does at the same time as writing the book, it really has the ability to open your senses to understand what you need for your happiness, what you have somehow allowed yourself to give up unwillingly and realising really what you want for yourself.

The great group of fellow HP Bloggers is:

and Fur Elisse of course!

We all have a journey and each of our journeys different from the others, but the great part of the fun of it all is we are in the journey together just trying to better ourselves! Here's to us!


  1. So true about everyone's journey being different from each other. I'm curious to see what our blog posts about the HP will look like 3 ... 6 months from now!

  2. I would like to feature you in my Blog Friend Friday. Can you email me at so I can send you the questions. Now that I am a frequent reader of your blog, I would love share your blog with my few readers. Thanks!