Mmmmm Pork!

New Year's day is a big occasion in my family, since I was a little girl. The day before is the night to go out and enjoy the night and the festivities that might be of your interest but come the day of the New Year in our household it was always family day.

Since my mom had her aneurysm a few years doing the whole shebang would be much for her, we live coincidentally 2 minutes away from each other- so I took on the meat course of the day. Tired of Turkey, not feeling beef, fish not a New Year feast kind of meal and Lamb is an Easter dish in our household; I changed it up.

Pork Roast it was... we had looked to get a half Ham, because we had done it for a dinner with my in laws and both my husband and I were in love with the way it had come out. But no Ham at the grocery store the day before New Year's (insert great planning on behalf of my mother and I) and they (my husband and my mother went shopping together) found a 3lb. Pork Roast. It wasn't a cut of pork I have ever made before, no bone just a whole slab of pork.

So with a little finagling and research I concocted what might be my greatest meat dish to date... except I am still partial to my lamb chops. I made an apricot garlic maple syrup glazed pork with roasted Pears and Apples. (If you want the recipe message me!)

And it was DIVINE!!! My sister who is the worst food intolerant... yeah I said intolerant, she doesn't like to eat it, she doesn't like to see food sitting around and she definitely can't stand food touching each other on her plate asked me when I would be making it again.

Simply superb... simply to good not to have pork. I know there are tons of you out there who don't eat pork... but it was really that good.

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