Snow and salt... dirt galore!

Sometimes it is beautiful to watch the large snowflakes fall; but if you live in Toronto like I do a snow fall means salt trucks and plowing throughout the city.

Salt... my car's nightmare; this is what my husband describes it. A sure way to get rust and a rotting car. Side panels that have already been repaired from previous small patches of rust now to upkeep without getting an ounce of new rust to add to my beater car.

Don't get me wrong; I love my car. My wagon that I fought weeks about the car I wanted, that I was not interested in spending loads of money and get a car that fit all of my family and a trunk that allowed for a huge Walmart visit that holds the shopping for both mine and my moms house.

But with the sleet and the snow, with the brown slush that is all over the streets my little car became a vision of artistic mud, that splattered all across the windows, coffee that I forgot on the roof of my car as I drove off. My car was a mess... after days of complaining from my dear husband about the abysmal display. With the weather that has turned and no sign of snow for a couple of days for sure, I took my car to get washed.

I forgot what it looks like to peer out of clean windows while I drive, so refreshing and what a little pleasure in someone`s day. It was a much needed little thing, such an easy way to get a smile on my face. Finally, a clean car and the dirt gone! Sometimes things are so easy.

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