A Positive surrender...

My life is far different than I would have been able to predict over a month ago, things have changed in ways I couldn't believe and soaking it all in with precaution.

But in the evolution of working mommy with goals that drive me, girls who make my life worth living and a marriage that I work at to be in for a lifetime and passion that I want to be proud about having within me things seem to have changed already.

Everyday I learn something more about myself, in retrospect and comparison of others who cross my path. My networking has quadrupled and my zest for life multiplied in ways I couldn't imagine.

My personal work goals have re-surged, I reawaken the passion for my own dreams and pursuits and look forward to doing all it might take to attain such goals. But that is only the one change in my life. Every detail has changed inside of me... my personal goals such as better health, better weight and even happy thoughts have become something that I feel need to be dealt with and no longer put on the bench during the game of life.

I realised a lot about myself in the last week, a more superior notion that I am more than I ever let myself believe I was. I am smarter and important- and my own view of my self worth should be greater than I ever let it be and that I need to allow myself to tell people about how I should expect to be treated.

I got on the elliptical machine, while tiring and exhausting... while I wanted to give up in the first 15 minutes that I had done I finished my 30 minute session. My food has been controlled, my overall activity far higher than ever before and I am proud to record a 4 pound reduction on my scale. How couldn't I be relishing in the changes that I have experienced recently. And why shouldn't I? So with all the changes that are happening around me... with all the different things on my plate and ideas and emotions I see on my plate I have encompassed a new thought process about focusing only on positive attributes within myself, others and the situations that surround me.

So, if I can say something... it is maybe focusing isn't something we can do everyday with the million of tasks we take on, but let's focus on the positive for a week; it would be nice for once!


  1. Loved this, we must have been thinking the same thing1!

  2. I feel the same when I read your posts... a lot of self reflection been going on lately I think. I read your posts sometimes and feel you stole my thoughts. It's nice to know someone else is thinking the same things though!